Social Media Liability Training Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a social media policy, isn't that enough?

No. Courts have recently developed a higher standard of care for social media users. They view employees using social media as broadcasters on high liability devices. Employers must now deliver in-depth electronic media law training, not general labor law warnings.

Why can't we use our own in-house attorney or attend state conferences?

It's unreasonable to expect busy in-house attorneys, HR, and IT to become overnight media law experts. They use our 25 years of specialized media law training to save research and development time and close hidden gaps in their policy and training.

What makes your training so different from other programs?  

Our clients tell us that our focus on specialized mass media law writing strategies, revealing the hidden nuances of the new laws, and a dynamic teaching style make our training program more powerful than any of their previous training.

What type of social media lawsuits can we expect?

Most lawsuits stem from free speech myths on personal mobile devices, blogs, and Facebook accounts. Contrary to popular belief, employers are liable for their employee's work content on private blogs and devices outside the office. The average social media libel, harassment, privacy, failure to train lawsuit is $500,000 dollars plus.
 See Espinoza v. County of Orange, 2012 WL 420149 (Cal. App. Ct. Feb. 9, 2012)

Why can't we wait for a lawsuit before delivering expert training?

With social media lawsuits front page news almost every week and legal costs averaging around $250,000, you can't wait for a lawsuit to train your employees. 

"This was an eye-opening
course that blew away my other
social media courses.
~ Peter Nickischer, Berks-Lehigh Regional, PA